Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nowhere Boy (2009) – directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, written by Matt Greenhalgh, based on biography by Julia Baird

(I wasn't too interested in this movie, about the childhood of John Lennon, till my friend Sheila mentioned that the director was Sam Taylor-Wood. Sam Taylor-Wood is a British artist. I was curious to see what kind of movie she would have directed and happy that I would be able to see a complete work. She often works in multi-channel video installations and I have only ever seen stills.

Sheila and I discussed in great detail when and where we would watch Nowhere Boy. Finally, on a very specific and snowy night, I walked over to her house. Inside, it became clear that we had missed the “how” part - neither of us had Nowhere Boy on our persons or in our electronic devices.

So we played Tetris instead, and drank some tall glasses of water. We wondered if this was what it was going to be like when we were old. )


  1. Ha! This is hilarious. I haven't yet seen Nowhere Boy either but you should try to catch up with Sam Taylor-Wood's short film Love You More, which is available on the fantastic short film DVD magazine Wholphin. It's a perfect little love story built around a Buzzcocks single.

    Great meeting you today, too!

  2. I can get this on blu-ray (not standard for the moment) in the blink of an eye. It's about $17. http://goo.gl/BXcYF